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s/l fecalization...Roux-en-y with s/l fecalization of small bowel TIA - km
Wed Dec 12 16:41:17 2007

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** • If you clearly hear fecalization, go with it, as patient has bowel obstruction post - Roux-en-y. nm
Wed Dec 12 17:22:17 2007 Roux-en-y. nm
** • (I'll be watching this post! To me, though, I see no way so far to avoid a flag) - Margaret
Wed Dec 12 17:05:58 2007 Margaret
** • (I'll be watching this post! To me, though, I see no way so far to avoid a flag) - Margaret
Wed Dec 12 17:04:54 2007 Margaret
**** • found this by googling "roux-en-y small bowel fecal" + kt
Wed Dec 12 17:08:06 2007 kt
Seminars in Ultrasound, CT, and MRI : The multifaceted role of ...The presence of fecal matter in small bowel, the small bowel feces sign, .... such as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, transomental hernia is becoming more ... - Similar pages - Note this

but can't get the article without a subscription. found several like it. so he may be saying fecalization.
****** • and "small bowel feces sign" gives you a ton - kt
Wed Dec 12 17:09:53 2007 kt
****** • Why would you "fecalize" the bowel? I just can't see that as a legitimate word. do you? - pby
Wed Dec 12 17:09:50 2007 pby
******** • legit link From the Department of Radiology, University of California, San Diego + kt
Wed Dec 12 17:15:50 2007 kt
when you google just fecalization it's the fifth one.
********** • That is that they found fecalization, not that it is a procedure done with a Roux tho. S + pby
Wed Dec 12 17:22:09 2007 pby
I understand how the use of the word could be for fecal impaction, a docism. But I do not see how it fits as another procedure done with a Roux procedure. It makes no sense in that context.
** • Thanks. - Km
Wed Dec 12 17:04:29 2007 Km
**** • So confused. Maybe I am making this harder than it seems. I def hear fecalization, but am + Km
Wed Dec 12 17:11:21 2007 Km
flagging it for QA.
** • (scant support for Roux-en-Y with exteriorization of small bowel. SM + Margaret
Wed Dec 12 16:59:26 2007 Margaret
NO support (as one would figure,) for "fecalization" or "thecalization" or "exterioration."
** • mobilization? is it mentioned again? what else might help? just hanging out. - pby
Wed Dec 12 16:59:16 2007 pby
** • when you google just the word fecalization, it kind of confirms what you are looking for + by giving you SM
Wed Dec 12 16:53:26 2007 by giving you SM
fecalization of small bowel: 2005 July 15planes trains and plantains; vetericyn; sa goon; lindsay lohan; taste perversion; fecalization; fecalization of small bowel; unihumans; narnia trailers ... - 16k - Cached - Similar pages
[ More results from ]

Abdominal Wall Hernias: Imaging Fea- tures, Complications, and ...and fecalization of small bowel contents proximal. to the obstruction. Findings of strangulation may. also be observed. Incarceration ... - Similar pages

I know it is easy to say that you didn't get many hits, but if you put in JUST fecalization and it gives you fecalization along with the exact words in which you have it (fecalization of small bowel) I'd say it is a pretty good sign.

Of course, you might want to read a couple of them to see what it actually is.
**** • Cause ain't none of them worth 2 cents. - nm
Wed Dec 12 16:55:53 2007 nm
****** • the harvard radiology student one might be, but sm + kt
Wed Dec 12 17:01:49 2007 kt
i agree you don't get much good google on it, but does it fit the context? is there fecal matter in the small bowel or can you tell?

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