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Mgt? Translation please; IDM??
inhaler s/l zopanox
Handicap or handicapped placard? I saw handicapped on TV.
sm pls.
Commas correct? SM
shotgunning the joint
Another question to go with the finger fracture dislocation just
previous culture apparently grew "croteus miradris??"
Please see message. Mammogram question.
s/l"marfian syndrome"
Med for otitis media
capitulum versus capitellum
I do not need commas do I? findings of small patchy pneumonic alveolar infiltrates
Med on med list. Adralzea decreased to bid. No dx or pmh. Just follow up visit.
Is this correct. L4-5 T lift
onc/hem s/l clos idomentry and _______ genetic studies
sm pls.
s/l lagition
cardiac markers including (s/l a GM or HEM) biomarkers are negative
Good morning. I am working on a PE and for the abdomen, the doc is saying
sm kindly
s/l ac o nine tumor
femoral head s/l *phobia*
med called "methocarbamate 500 mg"
personal history of circulatory *da seizure*
med called "Divelle prolax" 500 mg
s/l synteric insufficiency - sm
sm pls.
med s/l phenobot
dry eyes and *my-globe-ian* gland dysfunction.
med that s/l "hay-gar"
He does have pain over the ulnar styloid. There is none over the s/l "axilla" joint
s/l zero forward? or zero four? angled curette (MP3 available if needed)
Anyone here familiar with Michigan? Looking for a nursing home not sure where in
She has Heberden's and s/l Merkile's nodes bilaterally. Could he be way mispronounci
I know it is 2-cm lesion, but how do you do 2 x 2 cm lesion? sm
*clifenol* or *clafenol* - hormone replacement
chronic pain after MVA
SPECIMENS: *in cassette*
Is this typed right? "CBC showed anemia of 10.4/31.1."
epidural steroid injections with s/l ross beguns and home lumbar traction unit.
"DDNR 13.8" in the lab values
what is an A&P repair?
a bounding water *shut*
Is this done correctly?
I think this doc is driving and dictating at the same time. Glad I don't live in
s/l urogison (physical therapy report)
? on head CT inside
list of allergies, Ambien, Ditropan, sulfa, asacol, s/l *tolfran*. thanks
loss of vision in both left and right eyes. Shouldn't this be left and right eye?
pls listen to MP3
birth control sounds like jell-o-vet
Pt with recurrent breast cancer, s/l "exploitive mass"
LUNGS: Faint wheezing noted. Scattered rhonchi noted on
s/l cadence
She would say "ow" when the legs were touched. Look okay?
He has s/l"Gillber's" liver disease
sm kinsly.
speech pathology
hyperkyphosis an acceptable word
There is some foreign body material protruding out from the
non-0 PSAs
off the hook of the *hami*
patient w painful elbow pls help TY
The surgeon's *blunt* finger was inserted through the incision and laid on top of the
*Veesha* 10 mg by mouth for hypercholesterolemia.
pls listen to MP3
previously had s/l "eye-vas"performed and was recommended to have medical therapy.
Brain is stuck today...One of pt's meds is s/l AzCole? thx!
Would anyone know the correct spelling of a surname that is pronounces "shoe" ?
gun shot wound
sm pls.
Allergy. s/l sodium penatol.
biopsies from the right upper lobe as well as (s/l) lalagen samples
ESL. The neurologist thought the TIA was s/l in depth direction.
Medicine - s/l dentocreen? hydrochloride ophthalmic solution
Operative Closure S/L
*in a sigh*
The patient started *sippa grass*
Op note for creation of AV fistula in right upper arm....
pt is being treated for soft tissue s/l "raonecrosis" of the rectum.
GYN history significant for cryo and s/l *ableep*.
sounds like general laryngomask anesthesia
using a lateral *smasectomy* approach
Second time this ESL has said skin cut with a *15 number blade.* How to type?
AV fistula op note (again!). Opened up the antecubital vein using a *cue-tix*
exercise stress test s/l CPRC protocol - ever heard of this???thx
s/l *filled*
hip fracture, intertrochanteric fixation with s/l "Ace Kyle" screw. Ty!
Pt with MS. Patient had an episode of new onset seizure related to underlying s/l
Stumped on podiatric term - s/l "hulamammoy"
Acute upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage. Upper GI endoscopy revealed
After the previous sentence doc dictates : The s/l grossyou looked benign.
perancimal hemorrhage ???
Med list: tramadol, levothyroxine, *dis-oxy-metto-mah-sone,* atorvastatin,,
s/l chasen level disease
Echo, left ventricle has severe decrease of systolic function with a
Medications list, s/l"citrakay." Dx CAD, u. colitis, atrial fib, PMR.
"wall motion s/l veered diffusely and mildly hypokinetic" (This is on an echo, is
Pt in hospital with entercutaneous fistula. Still need to decide if going to
*coincident* irreducible umbilical hernia
Otic drops
Heart exam: "antra" atrial septal aneurysm. More...
Sutures placed, one medial and two others more laterally with some *gappage* in
Diabetes mellitus type 2 for which she is on s/l "astatin" and she
urodynamic study which demonstrated *high-pressure* voiding of 90 *cm*
o p k g i j
pt with atopic dermatitis given s/l niprovasoline? around the face and chin
Starting at the *vare* and going anteriorly toward the bulbomembranous urethra, we
endo-close, endoclose, or Endo-close tool
I think it's okay to use "cc" in this context but not certain. Please SM
Procedure of extensive s/l coxinase cryoablation of left atrium?
Checked archives for subject-verb agreement and...
feels he would be a good S/L "forest" candidate
He has pretty normal hearing and certainly very normal s/l "berate."
ophthalmological exam finding of vitreous s/l flodez
Commas correct?
Tp is given a prescription of 5 cc of TobraDex (s/l) abdomix suspension
negative s/l wolberg test for leg pain.
*Visco* cannula?
s/l sew-a-gen
pls listen to MP3
It's Monday, and I know she is not saying this, but I can't hear anything else.
square ended elevator
heliox *SMD* 30 mix
contractions. s/l Byacomio flattening PSVT were recorded. ESL help
pt put back on Nexium 2 C if there was an element of s/l an orgastric? bile reflux
neurosurgery. s/l depugh or depue hardware removed.
He has some dark *decolored* urine. ESL. Any way to reword? What does he mean by
help with punctuation please. Not sure if this is right.
medication s/l forge? forage?
what is SSCEY (bacteria) stand for
I know this is wrong but can't understand (s/l) CU: She has nocturia x4.
On abdominal exam of male complaining of RUQ pain, ESL doc says
Plz listen to WAV file. Here is what I have so far
Opinion...pubic area pain or pubic-area pain?
Does this make sense. I am just learning so plz understand
Plz listen to this WAV file, what kind of inhaler
gastric emptying study, which came back abnormal with s/l T1 to 1-1/2 of 270 minutes?
is it common to say x 4 or spell out times 4, what is rule here?
biopsies from the right upper lobe as well as (s/l) livagen samples.
ok, archives has me even more confused about a word I am always confused about
Surgical note. Word s/l di-som-i-try (sm)
s/l "neurophenomena"
A low grade fever prompted her stay in the hospital for management of a gap.
laboratory tests. Hemoglobin s/l instat?
Mammogram: Abnormal calcification at the 2 o'clock "gradient" of the right breast.
3.3 stage?
Suture s/l bias - The portals were closed with 3-0 bias and interrupted sutures
reposting my question.....management of a gap?
carefully balanced in the sl*remnant* portion of cartilage
Abbreviation for Tylenol #3 - T3 or T-3 ? (Dr. specifically states to
medication s/l. She has reduced range of motion in her back. This is in - sm
foot surgery: MATERIALS: s/l bilverdyne, gauze, Kling, Ace wrap. i do not hear sm
s/l "theo-nol" solution
"a beaut a light" context inside
pls listen to MP3
Med for calcium oxylate kidney stones, s/l diapamide- no dose
on physical exam: There was no jugular vein s/l sustention?
BNP which was mildly elevated at 172 s/l peakograms per milimeter
s/l ko-lax-o screw
is there a medication s/l Occupaine? Jr. sorry no more info, part of a list.
Please dont yell at me - I am having a senior moment. Is it
medication, sounds like "air-uh-seed"
med, s/l "hamma-pebb-a-lin tablet prn for constipation" (Asian ESL)
female with congestive heart failure s/l neocardiac association class III
told pt that benzodiazepines R addictive, but she defers going on s/l SSRI? SM
would you give a doc "proBN peptide"? Always dictates it this way. I usually change
for right foot ulcer---
lab tests s/l IGM NG
wav - I don't think I am hearing this right - "ready to lie"
wav - for my last blank. just can't think of any - regular s/l "intermesis" screens.
s/l aprilopril
she dictates this 3 different times and sometimes it s/l mild other 2 myo??
s/l "hypoic" lesion
Just sharing a surgical instrument site that someone shared with me. See link
posted wav: Coronary artery disease status post ____ stenting by Dr. X
Teenage girl received all her immunizations, including "minoctra" in July. nm
need 2 words - symptoms of one-sided facial burning s/l tictal rue
She has too high risk for surgery for parathyroid - is there something wrong here
*flu a gin* sm
Her cardiac ultrasound shows minimal s/l flakes in the left side.
is it right to say "He is O positive with 'zero' antibodies" - I usually hear negativ
Sacral nerve implant placement
drug that s/l 'carvadol', but not carvedilol
sm please
She is an instructional aide in special education. Caps or not for instuctional aide
I have wav file please help
any guess on this .... s/l leukoplaque lesion .... TIA
help wav file.