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help with wav cant understand anything
s/l "rows-ki-wi" skin on her hands
s/l "pre-bastic" systolic ejection murmur. Heavy accent, but usually good dictator.
s/l Un lav 1 can p.o. b.i.d.
In med. list, s/l biskadil. As as context, patient has a a chronic urinary catheter.
Implanon birth control, it is a new OCP?
Med that s/l Intesta. In a list of meds.
s/l"aviated" drinks
The patient appears somewhat "ky-keck-nick".
sm kindly.
s/l cold measure blood culture sm
sm pls.
Allergy testing - s/l ultinaria?
s/l "type B lymphomatic disorder"
s/l"Butt" gum
s/l coronal radiana - sm
BNP 26,609. CK 114, CK-MB 8.4, CK-MB 7.4, troponin T 0.19. (SM)
Army Lieutenant *Colonel* - is that correct? s/l Cer-nal.
FOC or FOCC? - and please check my centimers, can that be right?
another word for tremor
OT: Does anyone know how to remove an entry from Stedman's spellcheck/dictionary?
spiral ring forcep
term s/l primant
looking for a company in TX - sm
The pt. is a retired s/l photo engraver from (the dictator names the city's
hypertension, was started on s/l neo (says twice)
Denies illicit drug use, anabolic steroid use, and "hemo" growth hormone use.
The patient (does not send out) to telemetry. Pulmonary signed out the patient.
is gastrum a word? it's not in my GI/GU book
Pupils s/l follow or full. Oral cavity: Moist mucous membranes. Neck is supple. SM
The patient was seen at 1930, basically on arrival. Immediately albuterol/Atrovent x
doc says spiral ring forceps, isn't this two different types of forceps?
s/l tripoding
sentence starts out with .... 911 was called. I know not suppose to start sentence
silastic implant of the first metatarsophalangeal joint
nailbed okay by spellcheck but nailbeds is not???? Isn't nailbeds okay?
cap question. I know u would cap "Anywhere Hospital Center for Neuro Disorders.
MRI of the knee
Is this an abbrev. for appendix or appendicitis or something related?
GI exam reveals a soft abdomen which is nondistended, diffusely mildly tender to palp
Anicteric sclerae. Clear *amnio somo tongue*. Neck: Suppple.
Pt had infrarenal aneurysms and is status post s/l"quill" embolization
Past medical history: History of cardiac s/l "eblasion" therapy in 2002.
CSF gene mutation analysis showed EXO (says the letters) s/l in 13b. How do I type
Abdominal exam in pregnant woman, "Negative ROBSY sign..."
looking for help with nerve conduction study findings (sm)
Plz listen to this WAV file. ESL
Please see msg. Thank you for any help.
Drug: S/l Bi ox ? no dosage given.
lactulose dosage?
Her *ANC* was monitored and it went from 810 on injury to 495 on date of discahrge.
pt with splenomegaly and anemia. lab studies: s/l "somato spites" SM pls
PMH: Is significant for DVT, type 2 diabetes and s/l add-dee-S. I can't hear IBS.
Does this sound right?
Proper way to format? Pt has a one to two year history... sm
ESL doc. In PE pulse is 75 s/l permanent, blood pressure 132/64
laminotomy OP
WAV file, plz listen help confirm what he is saying
Procedure: s/l Volpe Astendo Achilles lengthening on the right.
is there a medication for dermatitis s/l Cudobaine? ointment
Cranial nerve exam - Tongue protrudes in the midline. s/l "oak hand" was present,
His neck motion does not effect/affect it at all.
Is the use of T"d correct here?
every hear of patosplenomegaly (s/) he is saying patospone omegaly
s/l "trinity" graft
A sebaceous cyst is identified at the front of the neck on the S/L hyatic bone.
help to understand what he is saying plz
Two healing longitudinal abrasions approximately 2-3 cm along the inner aspect of the
elderly, dehydrated man on oxygen.
Ever heard of Cholejujectomy? Doc says this very clear in past medical history.
*fill of the* gallbladder ?
location (may be in Minnesota) s/l Canvas. He might be saying "Kansas." ty!
screening blood work to rule out s/l conversible causes for dementia.
This was performed first with s/l deeper three point Scarpa to dartos to rectus fasc
first operative report ever, help.
verbatim account dictating U slash L, is this U/L or u/L, or U/l???
drug Sm please
underwent *decompression laminectomy* for spinal stenosis. Does he
computer on fritz..cant search archives...something sl "L-shelf cancer screening
This was provisionally held in place using a guide wire and drill bit. The guide wir
Medication: Zmx or zamamex has respiratory failure see inside for more
couple of ?
Please see msg. Thank you!
. A small piece of *dura J* was placed over the dura.
up gaze or upgaze or up-gaze?
....70% FIO2 and 10 cm of s/l *peet*. (sm)
Following this, the internal ring was examined, *vaso* vessel noted to be moving
A 9/yo girl given "15" mg of Decadron ( but it also s/l 16 mg or 50 or 60 mg)
current s/l "curation" diaper dermatitis
Patient appears worried, but appears comfortable and "yuke nick"
s/l *first shoulder* arterial catheterization for left foot ischemic pain.
s/l fluid muscle, hep b surface antigen, C mydocardioanflory were neg.
I'm hearing "seen last on November 37 - 6."
Just in list of past surgeries: Tibial insert *change,* right knee. Did have total
Before closure of the wound, bleeders were coagulated using the *Aqua Mantis*
*s/ pannus*
2-1/2-year-old boy injured his knee
The infant has had borderline T4s and s/l SA-barts on the initial IMS.
There is a s/l "para-nek-ia" on the right palmar side of the thumb
nasal turbinates: testing, s/l "S&R" determination....
contraception SM
is this sphenoethmoidal recess determination?
On the tip of my brain...Pt with cold taking OTC s/l Cloraseden
Trauma patient. He is or has a GSC 15 s/l"4-6-5 breakdown".
PA reading off patient's med list.
I've never done an op note and having trouble. see inside
comma check please
I don't know much about alcohol. Is this the correct way to transcribe
ESL-ANC and (s/l) "manual" differential.
dictatated 18-1/2-guage needle. Is that correct or is needle gauge 18.5?
s/l osteofipe
i don't think the pupils are really 3 m. i just want to make sure 'mm' is correct.
An immediate intraoperative fluoroscopy confirmed the neutral position of the
Is Chem-12 slang? Strict no slang on this account. Would it need to be expanded?
s/l ageotrophic nystagmus - sm
Bone was contoured in an *8* shape
doing physical exam. blank s/l scoring
s/l anti-a-med-ics?
Reviewed lumbar MRI, which reveals mild DJD at L5-S1.No frank disk herniation.Appears
Patient with headaches.
over head or overhead?
Medication spelled * clyniosopan* by doctor, for anxiety I believe.
He has some small nodes in his axilla as well. He has occasional crackles at the bas
What is the expanded form of PPD in Axis III?
excisional biopsy of sebaceous cyst
surgical block...S/L
Effect or Affect, I am going around and around on this one.
please sm
Ugh. Patient comes in for inspection of Port-A-Cath site because of
s/l in bed mobility????
The overall impression is s/l "split" olecranon bursa. Anyone heard of that? ty!
comma check anyone?
knee arthroscopy: The s/l "taxi" was brought in and the chondritis treated
ever hear of CO2 slushes? can't find on google
ESL. Patient had a s/l trans(something...3 syllables) echo done. The transomething
Is this correct
sm please
asthma exacerbation; dehydration.
EKG terminology help needed.
Ack, get a clue - doc is dictating family history and says "stepmother died of...s.m.
s/l financial arm swing while on treadmill.
Do David, ~yo~ and JAT still help out on this board?
is there a 2-2 rated prostate cancer?
2 questions - Clearly saying Good, cannot document, and floxin and Afrin?
Please see inside for two questions on NICU baby.
would they recommend sounds like mesotherapy? for prostate cancer
having a brain hiccup here
The s/l pie-pal was very easy to get through the os and the uterus sounded to approx
I kinda asked this before but it was in response to my rant about a doc... s.m.
A s/l lighter retractor was used to release the medial pectoralis muscle.
is it FVF 25/75 or FEF 25/75?
s/l otalgacruel (patient is to have physical therapy on foot)
Reason for GI consult. *Gas bowel* syndrome and gastric outlet obstruction.
Attn ENT helpers - postnasal drip med - s/l biogest (estrogen - no way)? any ideas?
pt with paraplegia given neurological examination to compile with s/l SAA guidelines?
ESL doc....Patient with cerebral palsy who had an MRI that did not
male name pronounced "alla-haun-dro" (dictator says with a "j") TIA
brain stem tumor, or brainstem tumor?
2 words, sound like a proxim icious/osis control
ESL-von Willebrand factor multimers analysis shows a normal pattern iron distribution
Procedures in pt's hospitalization: *Or-tih-cale* intubation, mechanical ventilation
1 more question. Sounds like spacialated phonetically. I used spiculated.
Laboratories: *Phenee-orbih-tall* 14.4. Sodium 144, potassium 4.2.....
She is trying to be recertified for *CAMA* as they pay for her medication. CAMA?
s/l Al-a-geal syndrome
interferon dose, is it typed just like this?
? very long chains fatty acid analysis
Pt with obstructive sleep apnea. SM s/l prefer-ence TEEG have not changed yet.
Where to punctuate -- I don't understant sentence.
Op note. Procedure is *archie-artogram.* ESL, talking fast. Other context inside.
Osteochondropathy of the ankle. I only find 296 hits on this. Correct word?
hyphenate 1.5 cm left renal stone
rhizotomy...s/l "incision" but makes no sense -- not hearing injections
Having hard time determining if *Destination* sheath is brand name or just being
One s/l "strung-out" moist Ray-Tec and throat pack were placed
small s/l port radiotherapy ? possible lung cancer
A *steri-bowl* protection *am-boo-sheel* 6-mm device was then placed. Context
too young and too active s/l "athletically avoctaionally" to be released with fairly
BP drop in OR. Pt responded well to atropine and *ee-oh-sinephrine.* Fast ESL.
Maxillary s/l "lobal" alveolar infiltration.....please SM
My fast ESL. I don't know anyone can get this, but on off chance since you all are
s/l aldosore
any commas necessary in your opinion?
Endoprosthesis implant/ hip fracture pls see inside
pt with Enterobacter cloacae in urine and blood treated with s/l Josen? & seen by ID
s/l boarded giving way
In list of diagnoses: s/l "trans-luminitis" see msg for rest of diagnoses.
is this phrase ok? Ischemic left foot secondary to thrombosed left superficial femora
Cochlear implant. mushmouth. An advanced S/L monocarbal? HiResolution 90K
is there an s/l Ecos? mechanical pharmacologic thrombectomy
2 ortho terms... "A zero pulley" and s/l "STS slip" sm for context.
ultrasound, CT scan, and pepinous scan
placing catheter in superficial femoral artery infusing Redoface? see message
New to cardiac cath reports, need a phrase help please.
hispanic ESL s/l clinically not a sevenee however..... see msg for context
For the life of me, I cannot remember how to type something in a report:
Grasper passed behind esophagus in the "butter soft" motion and exits at angle of His
~yo~ fans. look what I found on our wonderful friend
Required chest tube and was also "bronched" at that time. Broncoscopy?
slightly "exstrophic" keratotic lesion. Does this fit?
"edicated" heart scan shows a left ventricular ejection fraction, etc. (medicated?
#15 *DB* blade. Says it twice. I tried to get Beaver, but just can't.
#15 *DB* blade. Says it twice. I tried to get Beaver, but just can't.
ENT note on vestibular dysfunction....would like to do an *electo-es-stabogram*
pt with bronchitis, treated with Biaxin 500 mg and s/l Antex PSA? 1 with water
Doc switches between PEG, G-tube, NG-tube and J-tube for medications.
Med list, s/l "metha-cone" 88 mg p.o. b.i.d.
med s/l Helix sm
G1, P0 at 36 weeks and 4 days. do I need hyphens or apostrophe on weeks and days?
dilation was 5 cm with 75% effacement "nay of two station?" (speed talker)
Cigarette paper... regarding skin, psm.
med s/l "eye-kep"
need help with my wav
He uses s/l "si-do-sis-tin" nebulizers
Eye exam. There is no s/l terazic precipitich.
infrailial arterial occlusive disease
We discussed "ober-yon" exercises and physical therapy with the patient. sm
s/l cowliss pleural effusion
Past surgical history: PTCA times two, s/l "PTC" of renal arteries. Not finding
hand hip esthesia? sm
"cervical spinal" or "cerebrospinal" lymph nodes were noted in the "endi-gastitum".
Bald resection? Ever heard of this?
Admission Note
s/l NNF (psych report)
s/l scarpus
continued from previous post on s/l scarpus
Drug that s/l prefenon. s/m
On admission she appeared to be her stated age. She was anxious, complaining of
s/l AV mal
s/l anterior superior laya crest
Patient's "bipolarness" was treated initially with Tegretol. Very clear "ness" here.
should this be sprains instead of sprain?
status post "centriums and portavesel" utilizing a "tax-atriculating" stent. SM
worse or worst?
In physical exam. NECK: Trachea "mid known" with masses. Huh. I hear midline before
Pregnancy in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PPCOS) Trial -caps or none to caps
Cardiolite stress test revealed 1 mm of a "C-segment" depression and negative scan.
sounds like "**Sardisus** uterine manipulator".. anybody??? pleaseeee???
s/l a raptor myelitis -- ESL
Help please
LOL! For some reason, I pulled my copy of Drake & Drake Pharmaceutical Word Book
not sure if I'm hearing stability or instability
Patient is endomorphi with significant "pannes"??
s/l thragen transferred reticulocyte count
coronary angiography - severe stenosis in the "end-for" vessel? TIA
Knee MRI . Revealed medial and lateral meniscal tears, osteoarthritis and possible
I can only hear "task". Should this be tasks?
Head MRI, s/l gallilidium
Here she was given a s/l duneb - ER note bronchitis
I don't know why I feel the need to share this, maybe it's because I'm tired..
E. coli or E. coli with a space
Oncology question as I'm drawing a blank... pls see msg...
An endoscopic septoplasty was performed. The incision was made with a Cottle elevato
when to use flashes or flushes -significant improvement in her hot flashes, diarrhea.
sm, please *set rd* *stered* ??
s/l condensed?
to insure stability - or to ensure?
first time I have heard a doctor say osmolarity; archives seem divided on whether it
Once the flap was elevated, an s/l " oval " of skin was harvested from the medial arm
s/l krana falls. no other info