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ortho help pls see message. TY
do i need any more commas in this sentence? looks long to me. Thank you.
history of 3 surgical procedures on his shoulder for an s/l ostochromialy defect
Why do ER dictators insist on listing CVA tenderness with the abdomen?
subcutaneous gas? (sm)
can the uterus be retroverted and retroflexed?
Normal ventricles and sulci s/l for age(1:02
In the plan he says hx of allergic rhinitis, and then later says hx of nasal SM
do u guys use "proximolateral"?
UTI Please SM
grammar help: (that or there) sm please
Please sm.
Diagnosis: Fistula in ano. Does this require dashes, i.e. Diagnosis: Fistula-in-ano.
Wondering if "affront" makes sense here or another term? TIA
Elderly gentleman fell and fractured his hip. He had
Thanks for the answer below re UTI 22! So see if this looks okay? SM
questioning "pull by the stone" and "lithotripsying."
+ or plus?
Viral pharyngitis.
s/l "mu-cri-ness" variations
Plastic Surgery - Laser treatment legs/veins & had problems - PLEASE SEE MESSAGE...
status post laminectomy at L4-L5-S1 three years ago. Written correctly?
Tube placement...see message....thanks!
His heart rate is 40. It does *decrease* to 48 when I exercise him.
BP 98/50, s/l AP 160, weight 4.35 kg, height 55 cm.
s/l li ki yal sm
doc trying to read patient's writing: previously tried on "Rotex" and "Zetical"
Good grief..no question, but just take a look a this sentence SM
I'm having such a rough day today...What is he trying to say? He is not stuttering,
14-year-old male with testicular pain
KC gel?
Claritin 10 mg **s/l tube pack** once a day.
o a a m n n
questiong this word ***violaceious*** sm
Claritin Readitab or RediTab,
part of his s/l aches(eights) may be related.
labs sm
MS s/l aun-ta-sovary since last December
TP was placed in a sling and a *sla* that was placed after x-ray. I don't know thisnm
h g a h j h
med list: s/l Proprothyrourical (pt w/ulcerative proctitis)
Okay. My message below about constipation procotol is correct. sm
diabetic constipation?
retained placenta ______ sm
Penn Shoulder Score or PENN Shoulder Score? I find both on Google but find nothing
Not sure what this is - 1% lidocaine with s/l newt
. *ABBA* is also less likely. There is no proximal bronchiectasis.
pain, paralysis, or (he says)-pulselessness distal to the injury.
With the hips in adduction, there appears to be lateral displacement dislocation
Med help: Actos s/l plus/met 12/850 mg bid?
"Kutamen" compatible with an old "lokoons" or
s/l "fortis spots" on the buccal mucosa. Thanks.
med sounds like "Manajural" sm for other meds
exchanged the 0.035 angled Glidewire to an 0.014 "through way".
Infant on Combivent, Flovent, s/l CBC, and caffeine with a level of 20.3.
Infant continues to be orally intubated, AC/VG mode, rate of 40, 16/5, (SM)
Carotid ultrasound showed *minal* tracts w/ no significant stenosis.
diminished fine-point and blunt sensation
With the plate applied, we then reduced the fracture anatomically. This was
PTCA/stenting procedure question...please see sentence
s/l "eye-ko" test
On a mammo dictation
who golfs?
s/l.. in-dep-a-du-ral .. Sm
Nasal surgery. Anterior commissure s/l yocko scope?
comma after Anesthesia or no?
wrist pain
s/l.. Cath lobes.. Sm
s/l large "giod" or posttraumatic cyst. please help. thanks
should i type temperature 35. 3 degrees centigrade or C ?
i am blanking today = There were no (rales/rails) or rhonchi.
a c c n o g
He is now 6 months status post s/l adgadent radiation therapy.
Pneumatosis is clear. He understands the date, recalls presidents back through Nixon
Has weakness, no *malentia*, no hematochezia, no GI complaints but has dizziness,
postural lightheadedness?
XXX is being seen for acute on chronic cervical and LS sprain.
using the "butterknife" with outward retraction of the right nasal bone
see message
Pt has diabetic retinopathy with s/l atrectomies in the past ??
O2 sat....
I know this is an easy word..I just can not spell it...s/l a-rye
Is there a way to access yesterday's posts?
List of meds. s/l "perum" or "ferum" forte. All I keep thinking is pred and that is
verapamil *htlc* 180 mg 1/2-tablet daily? (She doesn't ever speak clearly though.)
If they say
TSH was low suggesting hypothyroidism or (s/l) "sicky" thyroid
infant in ICU, respiratory failure. Abdominal film was "nearly gapless"
There is some swelling and discoloration appreciated in the s/l facilitation as well.
patient put in room 21 - Is room capped? I'm thinking yes as it is specific.
SOCIAL HISTORY: College educated. Likes to do yoga. Granola.
BK virus - what does BK stand for?
Pt with chronic low abdominal pressure has no clear s/l psipsons....SM
surg help.
med = no dx given s/l ocurite
Under ROS regarding the eyes... psm, tia
Pt has soreness in perianal area but no other s/l owart bleeding
again no dx given for this med - s/l lukeen sm for list
Problems with Microsoft Word - repeat question from yesterday.
I'm not sure this is enough info to get my ______, but thanks for trying. :)
Diabetic foot ulcers. Treated with s/l tanosil and debridement?
s/l *re-vel-o-co-ma-tus* sign
kidney stone: "...at about the junction where the ureter goes over the carotid...
Need Ortho help please.
core or cord here? sm
see message
Just wanted to say how much I LOVE the archives!!! Rescued once again.
s/l.. Aus-ter-e-a.. Sm
should this be 2 sentences instead of 1? psych note
ESL doc....radiation note..sm
The tricuspid regurg jet velocity is 3.5, estimating the right ventricular pressure
5-mo with history of reflux and milk protein sensitivity, drinking s/l *Yo-kay* 38 oz
Neurological: s/l My-stain-ee-a-crivis right eye.
PT started on a course for Astelin, nasal steroids, s/l baromist and Tessalon Perles.
Inch and a-half. Is it 1.6?
Drug s/l "Nyastat" to treat thrush. Def. not Nystatin...please help!
help this
pt w/microcytic hypochromic anemia & B-12 deficiency was told to have fu labs of SM
Refilled s/l "indodand" for back pain. Thx
Any suggestions cant find address for Doc in Alberta, Canada??
med help: sounds like chlorclon?
is there a "IJ central line"
She also does not notice any particular pattern to her good versus bad days in terms
CT scan of the head showed a mass compressing the left ventricle - So, would this be
comma question
Is acute-on-chronic preferred over acute on chronic? Thanks!
We will plan for a split thickness skin graft next week.= do i need a hyphen here?
Someone having a hyphen test?
dictates "approximately three-fourths of a cc of Xylocaine". Since it is not a
AND or IN? sm
A gazillion thanks to the person below who answered Neocate to my *Yo-kay* question!
Pt with BPH. "Pt started on Flomax and his S/L oxy-day-lene was discontinued.
s/l astroscope
midback or mid back.
Status post "a liff" L5-S1 secondary to H&P of L5-S1.
pls see msg, TY
s/l Periactive. Believe a nutrition supplement. Not periactin. Dose is 75 mL/hr
s/l rays
Not sure what used for and only in med list, pa has aneurysms and is in for that, psm
Graft sites or graph sites. sm. I'm having brain freeze.
Pt being worked up for multiple myeloma. Needle biopsy of a soft tissue mass
sound okay, sm
s/l "conmeds" sm
S/L *serragenerex* multivitamin 1 tablet daily.
onco help. sm and TY
female PE GU: cervix shows "ah-tro-pee-un"
s/l pm or tm Fosamax SM
Billybob--Patient name is in the thread below. I sent you an E-mail report.
s/l *On Adam shloo-sen* there is no obvious curvature - sm for details.
No apparent conjunctival s/l urocema noted.
ESL med: s/l *aragran* 5 mg IV push
s/l *sigdal*
Surgery, AV fistula , preop - need for s/l "turble" vascular access.
I have a tin ear today - "pt. taking contraceptive, calci... calsi... spelled
pt with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis on s/l Burrell 37.5 twice weekly
tibial tubercle s/l folker synosteotomy
Hooray for her - 89 yo woman still having intercourse!!
adjuvant hormonal therapy SM
In vital signs, matter of factly dictates BP as 145/43 (have to flag that right)?
How to type 90-90% better? 90 to 95% or 90 to 95 percent or other?
Wraps for venous stasis ulcers. s/l profrolite?
phenocane (turmeric) spelling???
Comma help. Pls SM. ESL like that matters right now.
Hursel cell?
Px fall on a dog bone?
Billybob-Check your E-mail for a post that needs to be deleted as it contains a
Is mucousy or mucusy? as in mucousy-white discharge. Also...please sm.
s/l "in node" sm
Heart catheterization with s/l "curve 2 catheter", sm please
There is a small s/l un-osteophyte area, but it is nondisplaced at this time.
Tympanograms type A on the right and *high volume* consistent with perforation (sm)
"versilliss" free flap versus a rectus muscle flap
lab question, doc is going over labs w/ pt. pt has dx of SM
in list of PMH s/l "tick-do-larue" any ideas?
sm pls s/l *boice-intended* pirfenidone studies
Denies toxic lung exposure history including asbestos "galvinium" or silicon
EKG s/l stent rate
s/l mulskin
thank you for reporting post below, which has been deleted.
regarding pulmonary
Please help
OB question
h n a e m p
constipated? irritable bowel
Postop followup status post right reverse shoulder (s/l torn-e-a?) arthroplasty. Tx!
see message
abdomen distended with lobularies of distention severely tender with (sm)
s/l *bo-wing*
s/l procter cream hetzy
PSM regarding aneurysm....thanks
is en total correct here?
s/l "KD board" to bring in trauma patients to the ER
med s/l "glut-hitrin" sm
Pt with OSA for uvulopalatoplasty....sm
appendix extracted umbilical port using a s/l plate man sack
Cervical diskectomy: Placed *tremai* retractor blades under the longus colli muscle.
No s/l CVS
Is there only one page on the new board? I think I missed my answer :-(
Doc: "Patient's speech is, um, grabled, um, grabled, um, patient is confused." LOL!!
"Patient would also like to perform his right foot surgery." Now THAT'S a talented
Help fix this sentence...please! sm
she had to go to s/l apranza and forgot to pick it up.
I thought Humulin and Lente were separate meds. Not in my drug sm
Help with EEG term. Pt is 8, has develop delay, hyperactivity, behavioral issues.
Help with sentence please - sm
s/l car-razer (has to with OB/GYN... sm)
dictator says "ferrous sulfate 675 mg" once a day? Possible? I thought 325 mg.
Please SM
s/l "d-valproics" drug
"s/l hyalized" fibrotic nodule
sm please "hypotensive for deterioration"
OB help, please!
alcohol withdrawal - given Ativan and s/l tranzeen as well.
Should it be "at" or "to" the iliac crest?
s/l evasive prianol?? Pentasa
Cancer drug
"hay-load" mole on his back.
yup, so it isa regular... and paced
s/l lar?? interval. SM please
see message
s/l *leoplica*
"arithropoetin"? I know I knew this...
Drug name s/l "ditorid or bitorid or detorid"...you get my drift...sm
sclerosis and s/l *orofaction* of bone densities is also noted.
love it when they say "as noted above" but had never mentioned a word about it.
"I (s/l slouced?") him today for a deep vein thrombosis. Any ideas? Tx!
infection of toenail status post partial "unguium-nectomy". Now has bloody drainage.
brain and venous Doppler?
can someone please help me make this a complete sentence real quick?
I'm looking for a school name in California s/l Lock-a-Lina. I have a directory sm
diskectomy and fusion: Allograft bone "del" previously soaked in Bacitracin
He does not feel good. His blood pressure is 300/201. I don't feel good just typing
Past history of s/l "Zoon's" disease of foreskin
bicornuate uterus with a s/l vistigeal horn or a very small horn
looking for a drug that s/l zyroxalin.
He has sleep apnea and had a *uvulovalvuloplasty* and wears CPAP.
s/l TVA - sm
Aredia 90 mg s/l "by wayne" every 3 months. (ESL)
He was treated with "uprinil" diuretic (uh prinel). sm
*tap of olecranon bursa?*
sleep disorder breathing or sleep disordered breathing? Doc says both!!!
see message
Her hemoglobin A1c is down with S/L seltzer and is not at goal
Thrombocyte count. Please see message.
s/l to cumberant diapering
drug s/l lorazidine
not sure how to type this, I don't usually type sutures.
s/l "Cullie's mold" used for short-arm cast
roddable? I want to cry. Op note. Patient has a tibial shaft fracture, SM
drug s/l cine oh card
We have given her a s/l *J-sleeve* for the right knee.
ERCP/sphincterotomy term - can anyone help?
Brain block... respiratory symptom, coughing and s/l puresis with sputum production.
phytophoto contact allergy or phyto-photo contact allergy or what
I have cleared him to play *s/l cunning* sports in a month.
Pt s/l JPL was elevated however there was no pedal edema on exam.
Lab test help. S/L contidatees. SM
see message
pt w/possible rotator cuff injury or tendonitis. sm
s/l "multimix gel" in wound care
help! TPI or DPI therapy?
The patient sustained a s/l "peds" versus auto accident.
need help with panendoscopy.
GYN, fertility - s/l earthentropial ?? (sm)
Urinary tract infection, secondary to s/l esrukicolon
Neuro: The patient has a resting s/l pillyrolling and resting tremor, right greater
Anyone heard of a drug s/l "democycline 600 mg" twice a day. ? This is a 52 yoM
s/l "chespos" bone. Undergoing ORIFX of ring and small fingers. sm
s/l "chespos" bone. Undergoing ORIF of ring and small fingers. sm
s/l realistical guaic evaluation?
suprafascial vs. superfascial plane
Diet: DIAB?? DIAV? TIAB? TIAV? very fast, bad audio. don't have a clue.
Is this sentence correct?
s/l *ZDL* and *milavog*
s/l "luses" of butterfly fragment was removed (fifth metatarsal fracture)
do i need a comma after dorsiflexion or anywhere else?
should this be 1 or 3 sentences? thanks fr the help!
Lister's corn (initial caps?)
which looks better to U? thanks.
Allegra 30 mg to be used twice daily in * stess-cent * form on an as-needed basis.
Bone screws were tightened to "finger strength" tightness
7 cm forearm lac. --- how to type 25 "O" nylon sutures??? Sm
Cath..."placed a 6-French sheath with some degree of difficulty...sm
what is the diffrence between hypOthermia and hyperthermia. SM
s/l occumitosis
ortho help sm
any opinion on ordinals with roman numerals? Vth, Xth? lol. help. ty.
Don't laugh please SM
Ortho help pls. thanks so much :O)
powered linear cutter stapler? Or cutter-stapler? (intraoperative bowel resection)
Periods irregular - her s/l menock was just this past year...nm
Ever hear of a pulse being 60 and regular? Seems too low.
surgical history: spells *triplecomy* (she makes comment she cannot read writing)
poor inspiratory effort but no obvious s/l hepathology or epithology
comes here for a routine followup or follow up? SM
ventral herniorrhaphy with under layer of mesh
this doc spells plantar fasciitis, but then gives me this:
He will continue at Aristocrat Berea, a nonambulatory patient, in a manual wheelchair
medication help pls
the long arm splint which was applied then/than SM
is it a neoplaster cast or a neoplastic cast? ortho note?
word help: s/l"per-sees"?
Left ankle has s/l radar malleolar puffiness...nm
I always have prbs with this. Should I also use a comma if this statement starts SM
couple of questions regarding this ortho note. thanks.
Adhering to AAMT how would u type if doc says.. sm please
sorry to use the docs name but hard to explain my question not using it. SM
PLS help me with this ESL doc ortho note.
I have a doc who insists on saying "the patient is conversative." drives me nuts!
This can't be right. or can it? sm :O)
Chemistries and lipids - continue s/l Medamore and Corgard - see chart....nm
I hate this doc talks fast and cant tell if he is saying SM
Arthritis, although this is largely s/l quinite except for residual stiffness.
what does this mean? sm
should i put a comma after visit also here? tanks
no dx given for this med s/l flexican
upper universal forceps = is Universal a brand?