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NICU report: Baby with patent urachus - s/l Morton's jelly
She bled some after last weeks treatment.
"s/l me-no-sine"
s/l newnet? gauze..anybody heard of this? tnx.
medication for shoulder pain: s/l kathlam (Pt also takes Ultram)
10 cc s/l aloe quads of saline
put her in a metal S/L"Co-li" splint with Ace wrap to the right wrist
25 mutation testing and 86 mutation testing
Pt. with medulloblastoma on chemo. sm
med s/l *ben-toe-lin*....sm
Her insomnia is an intermittent issue because she has s/l call wakes/weeks once a SM
Pt. with heterotaxia/malrotation of midgut. He is undergoing LADS procedure.
"Check s/l pan cultures." I have checked my books for this, and find nothing.
Labs ALT, AST, and something else, psm...
Heart exam: No s/l club, gallop, or rub.
Which way? SM
"blah, blah" Beckman retaining retractor was used (neck dissection), cannot hear
meds to be typed in list format. What does that mean? number each one and list
Possible mild destruction intravascular blood from St. Jude valve
MRI reading
s/l sonase looking amofilian inhbitors????
I'm so embarrassed to have to ask this - but how do I place commas correctly here?
female patient with mass in axilla
Dictated is "WBC is 17.7 thousand", is that how I would type it out? Thanks.
No abbv allowed, except in labs and meds etc. So, I have wound VAC. vacuum-assisted
s/l ** noraldan ** medication
nonobstructive coronary artery disease with the following findings - 20% mid left mai
Hemoglobin and hematocrits were followed s/l in which she was stable.
A transthoracic echo performed demonstrated s/l tachyodifficulty study, ejection frac
I know I have heard this but not quite getting it .. Know I will be embarrassed
Carvedilol dose - 4.6875 mg - does this sound right??
s/l *armonex* - drug
s/l *Haida*
There was a s/l "circum or circle" nuchal cord? Thanks for any help.
Bee stung on her forehead. She ran immediately and s/l*showers up* with Epipen.
punctuation/capitalization involving the quote
now about 3 months from his bilateral subtalar fusions with medial s/l rapings and ri
He is also approximately 16 months from bilateral external rotation and contracture r
16yi with Chrohn disease pls help
his ADHD and takes S/L fogon for that
Pt has numbness down his left side and leg. MRI shows disk herniation,
(cholangiogram/gallbladder) A s/l "Mixter" catheter was passed. My Stedman's has
Patient has "purr-lesh" and advised Lotrimin cream.
ESL fast talking doc-all in 1 breath!= did i separate correctly? thanks so much!!
abdominal discomfiture or discomforture.
DC metformin, initiate s/l Janumet 50/500 mg
S/L for sprain
Pt. with s/l photo ron tiginese on face.
EMG/NCS help pls. thanks
emg/ncs help again pls thanks so much
how do i abbreviate milliseconds?
How to type it? Culture grew out "10 to the 5" colony-forming units per mL of E.Coli
last help on EMG/NCS (I PROMISE!!) thanks
Does "reconstruction" make sense in following? Pt in to ER with fall down stairs,
peripheral neuropathy affecting/effecting the right arm
s/l podiatry
The patient was coming out of the shower, felt somewhat lightheaded and lost consciou
new tattoo on her right breast that is very bright and lovely with (s/l) "dabto" and
doc is listing testing to be done.
If someone has a right lig ptosis, can it still be said they have facial symmetry?
I think I have these correct according to Google search but would someone mind
ortho help please. TU
ortho help please.
Oregon anyone?
The cardiac catheterization documented single coronary vessel disease with 100% occlu
patient has a genital lesion, first culture was negatve....
Urine output: Yesterday, his ins were 5 liters 788, out 2 liters 773.
family history significant for "Smit's" autoimmune disease. TIA
question about format..(sm)
Is endothelial lining fluid okay?
s/l catso/capsule/castle pls sm for context
country vs county _ESL
s/l intercotreal injections for erectile dysfunction
VT ablation....what does VT stand for? Thanks.
ortho help sort of
Slang phrase help: He said that he will "clock him," so the uncle pressed charges.
s/l "leg tra"
s/l "striker" needle
She had a 90% *circ* lesion that was stented.
he is 6 feet 2-1/2 inches tall and weighs 290 pounds. OR should it be 2.5 inches?
should this be excision or incision? can hear both ESL doc!
Uppermost portion of abdomen and right lateral portion of abdomen is/are not on film.
ortho help plse. thanks
Why can't I document tibial varum deformity? I know I've heard it before. Am I losing
s/l "use restrained"
Chemotherapy: How would I write "cycle number two part A hyper-Cvad"
S/L "bugs traction"
see msg
Pt. with advanced parkinson's , dementia, getting "dri vah dee" tube feeds.
possible hernia
Oncology help, please!
repeat question please: family history signficant for "Smit's" autoimmune disease. SM
s/ flushed?
Anybody knows about Desaree anesthesia or something like that"
S/L Peramatine. Med for low blood pressure. Cannot document. Thx.
Med: Pt w/hypothhyroidism who takes s/l "USTR methyroid" 2 grains daily. Thx.
She is to be *MVO* for a substantial time and needs blood sugars checked often. cant
s/l Pentostent
s/l Phenig probably an antidepressant or antianxiety medicine
He is on s/l glodgin insulin
Neck s/l "arthro" mass with mediastinal lymphadenopathy
please sm
see msg
placenta manually extracted, small "con de lee den" removed
nose exam SM
questioning word vascularization sm
should I add something for clarity regarding the 4-5 and 5-1 levels? SM
*or shorting* - SM
MIM group??
follow up the result (make sense?)
CPK, troponin *three stabs* were negative
Chest x-ray is clear, no acute pulmonary disease, increased cardiac *shee hold*.
s/l tail of Spenz
Pt has a cough, which is ____ and nonproductive. SM
Pt. with HAE. Please see inside.
S/L "De-Mine" nephrosclerosis. See msg for context. Thanks a zillion
spegotomy for peptic ulcer disease?
pt's pain is in rt lumbar/"lumbo co add ease" muscle
There is no obvious "precipitant", other than lying down.
*is like* organisms (sm please )
pt is on
s/l "FISH typing" (in preparation for liver transplant)
"k exelate" enema??
ug! Pt has hypogonadism status post s/l CMD UVI implants
s/l bacradentin for UTI
help with ESL
In med list, SL Previstor (pt with HIV, hypothyroid, hypoganism, diabetes)
Her medications include Cozaar, "maxid," and Pantoloc p.r.n.
an open right parasymphysis of the "body" fracture --sm
anyone heard of a "chumbar" school in Alaska?
s/l "emmade"
platelets *321 times 10 to the 9th* nm
sm, thx
Protonix 40 milligrams orally *acb* nm
* ? possibly a P sound chromatosis* (sm please)
*Docosaid* was changed to lactulose for better management of constipation. nm
A "Spurlock" suture anchor was placed in the humeral head.
Geodon dc'd due to s/l aka-stet-tic movements
Patient complains of increased axillary S/L ree-sis (pt in 3yr remission of lympoma)
on physical exam, "VFDS within functional limits." This is under...sm
nipple s/l saddle notch distance is 34.5 cm on right side.
cannot verify - sm
s/l extramoscular????
Subtherapeutic Lamictal level of 2.9 micrograms per mL. mcg/mL, right?
first time with this doc, hyperbaric tx, pls sm
treated initially with Maxipime and Levaquin for s/l cee-da-moan-us (see msg 4 cxt)
Pt with HIV and cryptococcal meningitis. Drugs prescribed...
Flexible sigmoidoscopy and polypectomy
Is this even a word? "parasuprapubic" or "perisuprapubic" SM
Dictator says pnt has multiple admissions, OSA. What is OSA? Thanks!
What does it mean if doctor says Exam is focused (ie. Neuro or musculoskeletal exam)?
Does this make sense to you or am I looking at it too closely?
6 mm filling defect
is it noninsulin or non-insulin. I have problem with making non- or a whole word TIA
*celioscopic* - SM (is that correct?)
see this, Is this correct
sm =)
"Pistol graded trocar"
Denies melena or S/L hema-kenisia
right ankle surgery for "anglia?"
partial s/l feigotema
s/l stretegy
The *duodenum* . _____ showed mucosal tongue in the distal esophagus with no ulcerat
if the sentence starts with hCG, is it okay to type it like that or HCG?
s/l lam-bu-ic..SM..help
sm pls.
just a vent: urine dip did show positive blood, negative for urine. argh!
Trucut or truecut needle biospy... which is the correct form? HElp!
pls sm
s/l ventive thrush?
s/l I-va-hex or i-za-hex drug...SM
Duodenal bulb showed multiple partial *erythema* and there was a tiny ulcer which
s/l spon-sor---SM
ever hear of a Q scope on a panendoscopy? Cant document it
pls. help
s/l lung bu-ic..SM
ortho help (lacrosse player)
med s/l lowastrone - no dx given.
sm pls.
Infant's blood type is O positive with a negative "coombs"?.
just curious =- what does VMO stand for in this sentence? sm and TY
s/l port-stin
there seem to be a lot of new folks on the board.....welcome! and, I would like to
pls see message
I have a couple of questions.....
seronegative arthritis predominantly affecting/effecting the knees.
Acute renal failure, likely "perianal" phenomenon.
s/l termacrosomia
Mom is an internal medicine physician at s/l Odis moss (acct is in Ohio)thanks.
2D echocardiogram showed "calsa arotic bulb". No AS or AI. Normal left atrium
is step dad 1 or 2 words?
sheesh. I can go days without needing help, and then I get slammed! pls sm
how to type "S clav" (onc report)
surgery help please. thannk U
liver failure, which leads into "pano renal" syndrome.
MRI /ortho term - suggestions?
is this right? subcu air? see message please.
please sm
see message
His urinary s/l perk drains are still in place which will be address by urology
see message
see message
to MDMT, in reference to a posting below.....I suggest you check on your verbatim
is this even a word? crampiness? stinking verbatim acct!! see message
sm pls.
revlimid? and Decadron...tnx
teacher's aid versus teacher's aide; which is better?
s/l"metatarsus prima silebatus"
med list: looking for med taht s/l ENA or E&A?
ok? pain at *hernial* site. Thanks.
my understanding is that ecchymosis is bruising. am I wrong?
sm pls.
now for something completely different.....if you are in the mood to dream big,
ortho help please. (left wrist and right elbown pain)) see message