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anybody ever hear of a Levapak? 3 google hits, none on FDA site
s/l*puckard* collapsing gestational sac.
does acetaminophen come in 650 mg 1 tab?
s/l stigmental
s/l saytitee (sm)
Not sure incidence is the correct word in the following: (sm)
s/l sac q a tous
The patient will be seen in *most* outpatient basis in a week.
s/l ulob graft
s/l ASB, but would it be AFB? (sm)
ped doc recommends *combi-vite- for child with otalgia and sinusitis
s/l *Lab ri tie* bolsters
TY for the help just me and jerseygal
placement as a *politic* measure
He is quite *plethoric*.
Med for Crohn's/gastro problems. S/l *zelitan* (Is not Xalatan)
He had a scar of prior surgical *apell*.
induction II chemotherapy consisting of cytarabine, s/l enpegulate, asparaginase
diabetic shoe s/l "custinate". I have googled and archived. Anyone know? Thanks
*seth grand* esophagitis
s/l de-pund-e-miling
Alternatively is clearly dictated, but...
Coronary arteriosclerosis, (coma aversa)
on neuro exam says: He performed S/L rapid pantograph? alternating hand-finger nose
and per patient status personal history malignant neoplasm
ankle term - sm
posted wav pls sm
says what sounds like...conastasis? dermatitis
is certainly tight s/l during neurologically. He is intact in the upper extremities.
s/l mild edemic or all edemic. SM
VISION: Normal although she does have s/l backit degeneration.
not medical term but... Current work duties - *right say* computers
hypokalemia we have switched her hydrochlorothiazide to s/l Diziade 32.5
WAV, what i hear does not make sense plz listen
S/l stoe-mick push test?
Pt with allergy to s/l val duh TOX HEEB. He is slurring all the meds together,
His current medications are Augmentin, Nasonex, and s/l PVI.
Punctuation help please SM
Wav. Need help with these meds. He mumbles too much
on the abdomen. There is s/l recuspidy about 6 cm, I cannot feel an edge, I cannot f
ROS: Occasional s/l oristatic or positional light headiness.
SGPT of 104 with s/l "normal out fauce and emily sli pace."
White blood cell count was 4500, with 2800 (s/l) pmeds
this does not make sense Hematocrit 35.9% and hematocrit 3800 and 3000.
including a recent study suggesting increase in s/l endomental wall thickening on the
ALG: s/l Tech-win, causing heart palpating and lightheadedness.
What is the name of the staging/classification for pancreatic cancer?
consistent with s/l "camila" combined hyperlipidemia. It does not sound like familial
WAV. help with WBC and Hematocrit
My feeling is that there was nothing popping out around this and that the reservoir
s/l *anasistic* ventilations
is in the office for quick check. She has s/l adonal.
persistent diarrhea. Rule out "frontal val" disease??? anything sould like that?
Has HepC recently experience (s/l) AUI type infection
Anyone heard of "cholesterol flush". In this med list being dictated it totally s/l
since she returned to *0 8*
Scar is *healed fur fimen* well aligned.
pt describes her physician as a "witch doctor" doc dictates probably a S/L napropath?
can't find good documentation on the word "scabiform." Would you use?
s/l status post poor seen aortic valve replacement
cough that is positive for productive s/l avoidish sputum without blood
PE - The patient has s/l Bushard nodes of both hands.
comma check. Not sure what to do when you have "and" followed by therefore.
s/l inarthritic, corneals
sounds like "vanity"? No clue what MD is referring to here.
How can I just find the answer to a question asked yesterday and answered?
sounds like "sparticle" during an angioplasty of the SFA - any help would be great!
Infection of mandible w/ Streptococcus "rafia-nicerious" species
Pulmonology consult question. Pls sm. TIA
Great. A 1-minute dictation and NP unclear, so this will take me 10 minutes to
sm pls.
s/l non- de-mesh-ing
WAV file. sm
Does anyone know what the abbrev "MOGMSE" stands for? Does not come up
s/l *vatomator* stimulator
s/l Bulgler's disease -- ESL doc
please see message, s/l series of Teds? for dvt prophylaxis
She will receive influenza and s/l mocogal today
Pt says they weighed him with the *horter* scales, and his weight was 191.5. He's
Px in for hearing aid eval. s/l "promicia valve"
This is a male who has been diagnosed with a non-secreting pituitary macroadenoma. H
s/l probian P level (sm)
Doc says medications updated on NexGen. Now I find NexGen and NextGen. sm
200 gram prostate is too large at this point for s/l experience.
area of induration has no ..... fluctuans or fluctuance?
The optic s/l kiasen is elevated. There is minimal increase s/l nisan on the optic
Patient was brought to the ER by his daughter from an s/l L-Tok facility
affecting or effecting?
Please see message
couple of questions. ...sm
Echo findings inside; help needed. Thank you!
"Calcium" somewhat low at 2.8. That sounds 'really' low to me
s/l "transendis modex screw" This is the entire dictation. I don't even know where
going to go for a CBC, s/l sederate and CBK as soon as possible
Suddenly confused
did not appear to have any "rue- la" trauma
please see
HEENT: No s/l agivity, bruise or fairomeghaly.
correct spelling for all state insurance. Google is conflicting results.
She does s/l "cilla wick" at the time of assessment,
Help! s/l lordabenzone (drug) (sm)
s/l *fox swab*
s/l cattell suture
on the day of treatment *barry* for him at this time because he is uninsured
echo, RVSP of 37 "plus the CPP"?
The patient will follow up with Dr. x in Pulmonary Clinic following a repeat CT o
px has handicap s/l "cou'tre mal" regarding bathing (nm)
s/l furoxime 500 mg twice a day for 5 days for pneumonia
S/l drop-ho maneuver ??
using wedge "pulma" cushion with gripper pad in wheelchair.
Tonsils with no "fortmial" s/L protrusion.
is there such a thing as a Volume boot? instead of using a short leg cast
s/l horning on getting to school? ur expertise pls
cardiac s/l valve
Grammar help. Is the 2nd sentence okay? My brain is pooped--doesn't look ok to me.
would you offset "if ever" with commas in this sentence?
"levagon" eye drops, no other info, in med list
Need suggestions re cancer treatment - background noice (sm)
s/l inner cervical. pls sm Thanks!!
Is aluminofoam correct or is it aluminum foam splint ???
is the radicularis correct ... see inside
just says 0. cm on the left. I dont hear a break in her voice as if voice file cut
Per the BOS, we are not to use cc. We are to use mL instead.
a drug called Tanden?? Thank you. dr. listed a list and this was one of them
from yesterday, turns out my dictator was referring to TEG platelet mapping, in case
CD45 positive, (s/l) "19 weak",
Rhinoscopy shows very swollen *arichenalades * indicative of laryngopharyngeal reflux
is resonant and *troup* space on percussion of abdomen.
ABDOMEN: Benign without *passfinmegaly* huuu? :)
is this okay?
giving post cardiac bypass stats
s/l irritanic response
is it bur hole/ burhole/ burr hole ??? confused!
Otitis Media: I see no *ofereeuh* through a patent PE tube....
plateaud with therapy. (correct way to spell plateaud?) Is this right?
"fiorinal with codeine 3 on a p.r.n. basis" - I'm without my drug book. RxList
Seeing cardiac doc for preop clearance for another minor surgery. Pt a male
She was tested for "flu" antigen A and B which are both negative.
TSH, anti-DNA antibodies, "BRDL," and complement studies were WNL.
Lap choly = see message
She has "I-N-deed" yesterday, and the fluid is growing Staph aureus.
White count was 7.7 with normal differential. "ESO difference" was 40.
Ever heard of s/l "O'Leary" sutures. Doing C-section report. nm
A gastroenterology consult was immediately seeked.. lolololol
Pt. admitted for type 1 DM. Check daily for high and low s/l dexes.
s/l clonical
ESL cannot document,
Pt with headache who is to use Imitrex on a p.r.n. basis....sm
s/l lunodo triquetretral ligaments
Mood was depressed with "hypotalamic" symptoms.
Pt. with ataxia. "He have some testing, including "s/l anti-yield antibody" as well
Ensure "1 boost" twice a day. Is not saying^^^
Pt became threatening to the point where she ended up in "4 poit tress chains" for
new stuff for me, brachytherapy please sm and help me - long!
when is distension used versus distention? sm
Lung CT s/l *fibrolineus*
patient with HIV, Kaposi sarcoma, did not have biopsy but s/l it's pavagomonicuvus
Op note....can't tell if saying "in" or "and."
s/l *Nezhat* pin was inserted into the ischium
is "clin doc" short for clinical documentation or is it ClinDoc?? sm
s/l awl der mesh
during lab pt has high WBC count and the s/l uricaceed? is not too high
enterotomy and repair and *extreme jig trajen* bowel wall with a significant
incentive spirometer s/l *SCD*
Patient came in with lesions on upper chest. -sm
so frustrated! Please see message
Normal high-resolution chromosomes and normal "sub-toe-mirror-ic fish"
The patient consumed 1 bottle of "yagmeister." s/L alcohol
The abdominal ultrasound was transmitted through "SYNEPSE" S/L
way to quit smoking - sm
drug list, atenolol, omeprazole, "hemastoride"
is "windedness" a real word?
child is probably s/l "to serious" and being overfed
fed Pedialyte and s/l "sorferma"
looking for a drug on the allergy list: analasone?
Help! Facial *extremula* rash suggestive of erythema multiforme
could this be *outer layer mesh*
s/l "thee are eee pee" or vrep pls sm for context
FYI: new drugs from eDrugInfo.com
Med for stomach problems, s/l uh log gan
MRI finding...please sm. s/l "clouts"
Iris bombe? and then s/l stru-bitu-ous surgery. See msg for lengthy context
a nonsmoking aid. She would like to s/l propropia first to stop smoking rather..
s/l failed
Check her vital signs every 2 hours with *reflexes* Pt with preeclampsia
Does the doc just mean reflexes are checked w/ vitals? Period after reflexes.
Pubs/Pops weight loss club??
He's talking about a nuclear stress test but s/l "exercise Miami study." Any ideas?
peripheral nephropathy?? I found a few google hits and, on the surface, they seem
Encourage him to stop using and chewing tobacco or "snuff"?
Throughout the retroperitoneum and s/l *periaortic* regions
wav file, doing a Left carotid endarterectomy. Have 1 area I am unsure of. thanks.
Epidural steroid injection. Used Omnipaque s/l "one AD" contrast media.
Vitamins to include s/l "Ruma" which she obtained from overseas. TIA
PROCEDURE: s/l "Ee-dent-uation" of the maxilla and mandible....sm
epiretinal membrane formation in (or and) the S/L periphora at this time is stable.
any ideas on "perisinuous" home training team
drug s/l calcitran or galcitran or dalcitram?(sm)
raised yellowish s/l "tack" lesion on skin and subcutaneous tissue
s/l punky percussion note of the right centeral and right lateral incisor
wav file, I think I have it, but would appreciate someone checking? Thanks.
Pt. with lupus, bipolar, asthma, chronic pain, hypertension....sm
There was a small nodule in the antrum, probably *pancreatic resp8 which was biopsied
Right tympanic membrane injected and "e mobile". Left Tm clear, intact and mobile.
cortical thinning without "hydro small renal cyst"
Have you ever head skin exam: "Moist mucous membranes". Good skin turgor. Cap refill
patient had a "coco chest x-ray" she says this very quickly, might be COCH, or COCC.
The artery was "diseased" or "deceased" because of radiation changes
He sort of stuttered over once a day versus bid on the first one and then came back
mp3 posted - any ideas on "perisinuous" home training team - post below
Zelnorm and has had reproducible s/l H S purpura - cant reference
oto question please help sm
See WAV file please. s/l histomegaly
Patient with anxiety - sm
s/l"del" referring to Achilles tendon.. sm please
PE: There is relative "spurring" "sparing" "spering" of the foot and toes.
s/l*paused and labored ideation*
WAV posted. Pt with atrial fibrillation ECG results (SM) s/l lefen-clyb-trophy
s/l reg-noll to take as directed (pt with pleural effusion, renal failure, high blood
pacerone, he is saying 15 or 50 mg daily. I can only verify 200. Can anyone
why can't I find this? There was a small s/l flebolist in her left pelvis
From my earlier post. I think I confused helper. Dr. dictated ENT: Dry clear
blood sugars continue to be elevated in the one eighty two forty range.
she is a mess......I presume she is talking about an x-ray (patient is a 5YO who fell
There is an erythematous rash in the diaper area, "sparing" intertrigo.
s/l adrenocorticoadenoma
For itching, *cortimenthol insedaseal* lotion. nm
Comma question. (please no flames)
right shoulder x-ray - sm
is it cataplexy or cataplexia? sm I am finding both.
posted an mp3 for drug help
oh thanks very much. wasnt in quicklook and drugdigest but in drugs.com. thanks!
Large "ketta-barge" BMP-2 (spinal fusion). sm
"blood pressure 70 over diastolic." What does that mean? how do I type it?
a question
The patient is in the office today for as a s/l "work-in"
radial orchectomy with diagnosis of s/l sam-o-mela
Flonase 50 mcg "dash ACT" spells A C T 1 spray each nostril daily
mp3 loaded: help- cant understand this - It ____ or from old thrombus with recanal..
drug: Aspirin, s/l "textar", Zocor, and clonidine - not Taxotere
posted a wav pls help
doc is saying Dr. Combs at the "Medical American Surgery Center" sm