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I just want to know how some of these people qualify to practice medicine!
local anesthetic that s/l nuropin?
The patient is here for a (s/ Patty) physical.
Is either tendinitis or tendonitis acceptable now?
To the webmaster.....
To the webmaster.....
Pt hurt his thumb while working on a s/l*iron baxter* of the car.
Pt alcoholic, takes Librium and received IV fluids w/ IV s/l thimem
Elderly pt with acute respiratory distress and pneumonia. At the end of the
Pt with recurrent stage IIIA nonseminomatous germ cell tumor
Esophagoscopy, a *weer* endoscope?
Question:--sm for example (re: adverb/adjective modifying)
Drawing a blank...S/L Daosyme? cough liquid
grammar question
patient with vulvar burning, itching, nabothian cyst to stay on s/l 'urel'. TIA
What type of fascia?
track or tract?
s/l epical or epicow sm
which of these sound better? I'm able to edit.
Humalog with sliding S/L "K" scale. TIA
after the uterus was palpated *protection* and dextrorotated, the rest of the uterus
s/l wrapped the muscle
"combs" negative blood. peds note s.m.
atient was given a "Vicodin to go pack" to use tonight for any continued pain
No rashes or erythema noted on the skin. No *porterage*
Medication s/l asulfadeen. Patient with a history of ulcerative colitis. nm
probably a stupid question
another question re: Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays (MD is driving me crazy
fluoroscopy after being *filled up* submuscular pocket,
peds again, in EXTREMITIES: Negative Ortolani, negative "barno", no hip clicks.
not sure where comma goes in sentence
doc says Evenmore (says cap E also) I can't find anywhere
Med ? - Pulmicort and "fu-nis-o-lide" (p/t with asthma & GERD)
I contacted Dr. X who she had been referred to previous. She (sm)
Chest x-ray showed the left upper lobe mass with *crine and* atelectasis.
I cannot see any actual pointing or S/L "palmedo". TIA
Elbow supracondylar fracture. Range of motion is (see WAV) to 80 degrees.
HEENT: Pupils *s/l ascoric*....help!!!
Peds. Word help, please. "Pt. is 9 months & has paraplegia with a mild degree sm.
Carpal tunnel release surgery - groove dissector? groove elevator?
Regarding type of medication for bed-wetting.. s/l "stebation medications" o
WAV file. sm
*eleevin* dressings and *multiporous* boot - ESL doc
WAV file sm.
Abd. pain may be pancreatic condition, doc ordered s/l ACEP, amylase & lipase
Dr. dictating infant's condition following his birth. During exam he says,
There is no Homans sign. or Homans' sign?
Physical exam during well woman exam.
Gram stain revealed s/l variceal leukocytes from septic hip replacements?
Pt has back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, history of TBI. SM
Does this make sense: "cycling" with progesterone
azorph 5/20 once a day
please sm thanks!
Is this written correct - degenerative disc disease cell 45 L5/S1
progress from a physical findings point of view
NECK: A very full neck, (s/l) corroded equals without bruits.
Potassium is controlled with *K-ax-ci-late* nm
*atreaz* given as antibiotic befor surgery. I can't think of what this is! Thanks
ECG changes suggestive, but not diagnostic, of ischemia. - commas or not?
He has had a couple of code blues/blue's?
pt w/dizziness will return for *branny* maneuver on tilt table
Med s/l "tomlin"
s/l * glomiperide*
Peds. Doc states pt. has "soup kid features" Found 1 hit on Google for sm.
He does meet criteria for s/l P pulmonale. does NOT s/l cor pulmonale
would you put hyphens in "visit-by-visit basis"
WAV, I started him on the (s/l) line and citracel
s/l "open eyed" pulse oximetry SM
Does anybody live in Washington? I have a doctor in Spokane who is treating
Operation is left carotid endarterectomy. Common carotid was controlled at the
He is alert, *well-appearing,* in no acute distress. I always thought no
Malion (s/l) milion or mylion ??
Patient notes "contemporatous gloating" SM
Pt having EEG done for seizures..."Technical summary: This EEG was done
Is there a medication called (s/l) Lion
Help! Dr. rattling this off (between the **). Am I close?
Mass on upper extremity could be muscle seroma (pause) *serrr ruptus arcoma.*
I did not order s/l SPEP or EPEP, as she does not have any significant
WAV. Help with Diagnosis
WAV, help with Physical Exam small part
He noted intact villi s/l retuller plates. Intraocular tensions were normal.
Semen analysis showed motile count of 410 million negative anti-sperm antibodies.
WAV. Will check folate, B12, T4, TSH, sigmoid anoids, lapase
four true nonribbearing lumbar vertebrae (do I hyphenate this?)
. He has no known fistula Crohn’s which is controlled on (s/l) Ciprical remicade
s/l masoneline suture technique
s/l aspirin "VC"
They could pursue ovulation enhancement as s/l lashovary insemination plus
s/l ol
Patient is aware of her s/l datery at this age which already 10.2, indicating
Is Devgan correct? completed with Devgan capsulorrhexis forceps.
this is crazy, but it sounds like *myfishtheeato hepatitis.* Previous to that:
Insertion of a *cardiodefibrillator.* Just over 1000 hits on Google. Would you go
s/l "pornwall cyst"
s/l "vis-al-vo or dis-sal-vo" Pls see msg for comp exam. Thank you.
OK last one on this report! Outlined anteverted anteflexed uterus normal size in
Just clarifying is it Blood pressures in the *150's or just 150s*. Thanks
Prostate normal size without nodularly symmetry. Spell check is okay with "nodularly
superior right breast on the MLO view change configuration and *efface* on spot
s/l fenestrating
medication - (s/l) Azortherapene 50 mg
St. Louis or Saint Louis - see message
Nevus with nonhomogeneous appearance. Can't document nonhomogeneous
HELP: Pupils revealed bilateral (s/l) arches 2 mm and equal
Oropharynx is erythematous with pallidal *puteekee eye* and tonsillar exudate.
Pt with stage IV breast cancer. "Plan: 1. Next cycle of Zometa.
Child with finger pain. s/l "loosency"
he had to be transfused with 2 units of **PAC** cells. Is that correct?
Blood pressure 115/56. Pulse 97. Respirations 18. s/l "Blot" 99% on room air.
Medication - (s/l) Citropran 20 mg half tablet per day
Papillary carcinoma, scheduled to undergo a Whipple procedure. He denies any
Started on sustained release morphine *50* mg p.o. b.i.d. and regular morphine
All cultures have come back negative including blood culture, urine culture (sm)
No hepatosplenomegaly. No "riss-er-megaly".
it was felt to show a possible recurrent small herniated nucleus pulposus
pt with dysuria given S/L Urrol?
a 10 mg/L microalbumin level, or a 10-mg/L microalbumin level with the hyphen?
There was no weakness of thumb apposition. (or opposition???)
what does ACC stand for?
*a constituted* liver disease
Pt. s/p back surgery. "CT angiogram did not show any mass to suggest
WAV file SM inside
patient had a left lateral epicondylar slide
Brain biopsy, visualized gliotic hemosiderin and "quoted" surface
C5-6 facet joint injection. s/l "a line of setra" was noted. sm
s/l doc is saying "a-tip-ee" SM
On workup he was found to have a thyroid nodule. FNA was consistent with
pt with end-stage kidney disease on s/l surogelene 100 mg
Meds: Betamethasone, *triam-sih-nora* cream, nabumetone tabs
mild changes of s/l corlecytic effect on colposcopic impression.
Please sm
WAV. Help with Lab results PLEASE
Pt is chair bound. He does get swollen feet when he has them dependent. (Make
vaginal wall/vault was closed in 2 layers, wall or vault?
He is doing well on chemotherapy and is tolerated with lung radiation while
ugh!! having trouble with my dogs!!
X-ray S/L
WAV. Please confirm, think i am missing a word
"DIC" or "DAC" clinic? I think the D may stand for developmental. Anyone know rest?
a d l h f j
She will undergo trial of aline or veacel 3
rad onc prostate seed help please
balloon angioplasty with insertion of a drug loading S/L pathodexal? stent to the
Infant exam. "His *latel thropping*, parachute reflexes, stepping appear normal.
s/l crunches (ESL) I think he means crutches.
s/l hemosis
He had some actinic keratosis about the face which I S/L "cryoed" X 5. TIA
Racing and I can't seem to get right combo of letters. *ACACH* guidelines. She's
primary s/l bronchogenning non-small cell carcinoma of the right lung
"HC/APAP 334 mg" p.o. every 4 to 6 hours p.r.n. pain. Respite pt with encephalopathy
Audiological screen was showing "reffer" upon admission to NICU.
medication S/L actanane? 60 mg
Extremities: *TP* pulses are feeble. Femoral pulses are deep and 1+.
Never run across this before
Allergies to "phenothiazide" s/l could not document properly.
s/l odognial views
Is it "HamD" or "HAMD" score for depression??? TIA
s/l trialed
drug serabex?
orthopedic help...type II+ to III acromion....
would they say...heart tachycardic to auscultation? or should it be "on auscultation?
how would you type> the patient was placed on IV ..D5 and a 1/3? at 20 mL at hour.
s/l "case of"?
One-month-old bronchiolitis, pneumonia, started on IV fluids and
s/ "fo-vial?"
how do you separate the word HENCE in a sentence? Example given...
physical exam: She is stable to earth, valgus, and anterior draw.
S/L dimittis?
Impossible kidney disease?
Szechwan chicken or Szechuan chicken?
is there an "abbreviated breast radiation"...thank u
HX: Ulcerative colitis, on s/l "R - A se-kol" at that time - just cant get it
Med or vitamin: *flo-ten*
please sm
wav again please
pt has a ulcer between toes...s/l Kes-sil-lon-ease paint was applied?
she fell backwards, landing on her right bottom foot (as opposed to her top foot?)
the pt received a prescription for a right s/l Pray-full orthotic
please see message
so what does WAG mean?
what drug is this?
ESL s/l *leg clay purpose* (hesitates between) w/ right hip reconstruction surgeries.
med sounds like "betsackadil"
surgical instrument for cystoscopy with stent removal, 21-French 'AC myo' cystoscope
am hunting for a hospital/medical facility in the Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois area
ascending colon *on new* attachment was removed
Erythematous rash on his bottom with *denudation *. Sound right?
s/l more common ry gel lift
s/l "mymedics"
Atrial fibrillation, had required s/l*gamma shock* at last hospitalization.
s/l "red panel"
she is retired in s/l "sheet melo" construction business..NM
mp3 loaded: please help me decide if 50 or 60+
love it! 90-year-old woman in ER. Will only say: I am going to bite you. LOL!
The head of the gland was opened and s/l "cord up"..please SM
Back pain. Sensation and motor system grossly intact "tuft to tuft. Good strength.
fluorescent scan for corneal abrasion? I really want to hear fluorescein scan, but
s/l Ivas